Disinfecting Services

  • Electrostatic Fogging – Clorox 360

  • High-Touch Point Area Focus Cleaning

  • Disinfecting Services – A combination of high touch and Clorox 360

  • Direct Surface Sanitization
  • Deep Clean Services

  • Hospital Grade Disinfectants – EPA Registered: List N
  • OSHA, CDC and EPA Complaint
  • PPE Supplies – Hand Sanitizing Supplies and Stations

  • Reoccurring High Touch Cleaning

Our Resources

Your JSI Managerial Team is certified in the World Health Organization (WHO) training course that covered the Infection Protection and Control (IPC). Their three main goals are to

  • We are prepared and ready to respond to an outbreak, in particular COVID-19 and the Flu

  • Limit human to human transmission by the way of implementing CDC and WHO recommended IPC intervention

  • Identify, isolate and report suspect and confirmed cases.

Our response teams are trained in the operation of Clorox 360 and other approved electrostatic disinfection equipment while wearing appropriate PPE to address specific areas or entire facilities.

Your coverage team and project crew members are trained in all areas of infectious control cleaning services. We are available on an as-needed basis to assist with special projects, and to serve as high touched area disinfecting crews.

Our Recommendations

  • As your building occupancy increases your high touched disinfecting and deep cleaning services should be on a more frequent basis.

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of carpeted and hard surfaces.

  • Disinfecting and sanitation stations should be readily available to employees in high traffic areas.

  • Continuous disinfection of high-touched areas.

  • The discontinued use of air forced hand dryers as they spread viruses, germs and bacteria. We recommend touchless dispensers for paper, soap and hand sanitizers
  • Consider removing any unneeded soft and porous materials in high traffic areas


Our mission is to efficiently deliver a wide range of janitorial services to each of our clients on a nightly basis. Our efforts promote clean and safe buildings while fulfilling our commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to incorporate the most innovative resources and technology to provide the most effective janitorial program available.


Our goal is to maintain a superior workforce of professionals through continuing education, with a strong focus on leadership and teamwork. We embrace diversity amongst our clients, employees and suppliers. Our pro-active approach to providing services emphasizes communication and responsiveness from all levels of personnel.


Above all else, we pride ourselves operating on the same core principles and values upon which we were founded. We maintain undeniable integrity and consistently deliver the highest level of service which our customers have come to expect over 50 years.

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